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emergency brake problem

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I have a 94 s10, 4cyl, 2.3l eng

My problem is my emergency brake. it took a lot to get my brake released (brake pad up), but the emergency brake itself is still on with the pedal being released. I would like some advice on how to get the emergency brake itself to release. pushing the emergency brake pedal down and releasing it again does nothing and the emergency brake still stays on. It is very frustrating and I am feeling like a moron. I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I would greatly appreciate any advice and help. ty very much
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You have a seized cable.

Likely the cable to at least one wheel.

Look under the truck, driver's side next to the frame. The single cable is likely hanging slack. Yes?

If so then grab one of the cables after the adjuster, where it connects to the rear cables. Give each cable a yank. You should feel springiness, this is the return spring retracting the cable. If you don't feel this, then the cable is seized.

You will have to grab the cable casing about mid way and pull and move it around to work the cable loose enough so the spring can retract the cable. Of course once you apply the parking brake again it will seize again.

The fix is to replace the seized cable.
Thank you very much for that response. You were right on, on drivers side emergency break cable line was trashed and I replaced it and problem fixed.
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