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Ok im having big problems and ive already spent 475 on fixing and its still not completely resolved. by the way this may not be in the best place to post this but i think its electrical.

any way 2001 sonoma 44k 2.2 L Auto truck wouldnt start about a mounth ago so i took it to this guy how does work on our company trucks he checks my truck out and says that some thing with the stereo wasnt gronded right so it cause the fuel pump to over load and burn up. so he replaced the fuel pump and said that he checked out the grounds and fixed the ones that didnt seem to be grounded properly as soon as i put the face for the stereo on the truck died. so he had it for another day and said that he had a friend from the dealer come out and run the machine on it and it said that the computer was toast too. so now the computer is installed and it had been running fine. and because he said the head unit was the problem i took it and reinstalled the factory head unit and disconnected the two wires that my freind had taped into the factory wireing for the subs to be connected with the factory head unit and electrical taped the cuts. now today the truck died on me and it would start but not stay running so thinking that the radio could still be playing a part in the problem i took out the radio fuse out of the main fuse box. now im able to start the truck and keep it running so this is what leads me to believe that its an electrical problem. so how to i resolve the problem Ive disconnected all wiring that was done that is not stock and seems to still be a problem and I now also have the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light is on. im getting update info from a web site http://calid.gm.com/vci/html/getVCI.html and it gives this info
VIN: 1GTCS145818123745
Calibration History for :CONTROL MODULE CALIBRATION Part Number Cal. ID # CVN Bulletin # Description
09385563 12201238 N/A N/A control module calibration
12202943 12201238 N/A N/A part number change only, same content as prior calibration.
12225413 12225345 N/A N/A new calibration to improve misfire detection with fuel containing alcohol
any help appreciated
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