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Heres my problem.....
I've been trying to diagnose the horrible intermittent bog that my 89 s-10 blazer has.
I've checked pretty much everything, and everything seeks ok.

The one thing i noticed is that the EGR will not open. The solenoid does not even get power! If i apply vacuum to the egr, it will open, but the engine does not tell it to open.

I've been reading around, and from what ive gathered, i now understand that the egr will not open if the engine is not in closed loop mode. Which would explain why i dont have power going to the egr solenoid......

My question is, how would i tell if the engine is in open or closed loop mode? Also, is there any tests for the coolant temp sensor, because ive read that the engine will not enter closed loop mode with a bad CTS...

Help please!!
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