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well i got a set of tan leather buckets out of a 1st gen eclipse for free. the problem i ran into was this: the bottom of my old seats were flat, and the floor is not, on the eclipse, the floor is flat, while the seat is not.

took off the tracks, and the pedestals are riveted to the tracks on the new ones. Was at work so i tried the grinder, kinda worked, then i used the chisel and swingpress:bash: was working, but really slow. so slow in fact, that i didnt have anything together, and had to set a seat on the floor with one track, so i could drive home. i looked like a 8 year old driving!

Got to shop class yesterday ( sat mornings at JC) busted the air chisel on it. Daaammmnn i gotta have one, about 30 secs per rivet, and i was set. now tomorow, i can use the mig at work and tack the pedestals to my tracks. Ill post pics once i take some. Tan wasnt my first choice but ya can argue with free!

Do you guys thing i should try to use the back out of the eclipse, so they match, the only prob is they are the jap style ( covered foam, that clips to the unibody support underneath), while the blazers have the internal frame.
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