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Early ZQ8 Wheels

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Selling Early ZQ8 wheels off my truck. I got the late model ZQ8's to put on it and no longer need these wheels.. I finally got 4 Bowtie Caps for them so you get 5 wheels 4 Bowtie caps and 4 GMC caps. 5th rim is to change out with the one that has brake dust buildup on it and the one that has brake dust build up i was going to use as a spare. i dont have a pic of the 5th but its in good shape and comes with a tire.. the 4 rims do not come with tires that are pictured but i do have 2 245/50/16's i can include to help out if needed..

looking to get $400 for the package.

5 Wheels
4 Chevy Bowtie Caps
4 GMC Caps

Location is 60443


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