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Petty truck:

WTF are they focking serious?! Whered they get that truck from?! That truck has been sitting on the lot at the dealership that I bought my 96 from for at least a year, if not more. The pics make it look a lot better than it is. It has interesting fiberglass work, but I have no clue where it came from, neither did the guy that worked on the lot; they just had it. However the lot in the picture is not the same one it was sitting at. Most of the truck is ghetto rigged (note the angle iron in the engine bay) and its fallign apart. It has no exhaust, and I doubt it will pass any inspection anywhere. Has a 2001 sticker on it but maybe the conversion wasnt done back then. I also spot a C4 vette next to it...This thing dont need to be sitting inside anywhere..its tore up.

The green one dont look too bad, I just hate the cylinders sticking out of the bed (and hydros in general). Looks pretty straight but it also looks like he started a bunch of projects on it but never finished...low miles
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I wonder where that is at. It's not Edison. I was thinking Highland Park on the boarder but I can't think of the building that would look that way. There is one in the middle of HP but I don't think it has those type of home across the street.

I've think I saw the truck on the road once. Caught my eye because of the decals but didn't look like it was in good shape. Maybe it wasn't the same truck.
The "Petty" truck is Pretty bad ! The red back wall in the cab doesn't match the seats or door panels at all. It's a POS.

The 2nd gen on droz does look better, but it does seem like someone started it, and didn't finish, or got bored half way though.

I'm one of those ppl, so I can spot a half a$$ed truck. :)
I've seen that truck at a lot too...Deals on Wheels.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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