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Most that I have come across charge between 300-700 that is entirely dependent upon what needs to be done and how long it takes.

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It's easy. Go to Google type in dyno tuner near me. And it will pop up all the dyno tuners around you. And on the site of the tuner that you pick, they usually have prices per hour listed on their site. For a decent tune on the dyno expect to pay from $350 to $750. It all about the time you spend on the dyno.

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$450 to 2500.
roller dyno, hub dyno, street tune, stock vehicle, lots of modifications, under 600 hp, above 600 hp, they get pricey over the 1500hp ranges.
Engine only tune, engine and trans, there is lots more to it then just asking for a price.

below is a basic dyno form

Dyno Tuning Form
Driver / Vehicle Information:


Vehicle Year:*(required)

Vehicle Make*(required)

Vehicle Model:*(required)

Vehicle Mileage:*(required)

E-Mail Address:*(required)

Contact Phone Number:*(required)

Tuning Appointment Details:
What date is your vehicle scheduled for tuning?*(required)

What time is your vehicle scheduled for tuning?*(required)

Vehicle Information:
Are any warning lights on (check engine, abs, brake etc)? If yes which ones?*(required)

Any known drivability issues with vehicle? (Misfire, down on power, excessive fuel consumption, new build, starting/idling issues)?*(required)

Are there any special driving or starting instructions?*(required)

What is the main function of the car (street, road race, drift, autocross, rally, etc)?

What software, device or engine managment system is being used to tune this vehicle?

Fuel Information:
What fuel is being used?*(required)

What Brand of gas do you use?*(required)

Ignition Information:
When were the spark plugs last changed (time and mileage)?*(required)

What brand and type of spark plugs (ie NGK Iridium, Denso Copper etc) and what is the spark plug gap?*(required)

Fuel System Information:
Fuel Injector Size and Manufacturer?*(required)

What brand and size fuel pump (stock, walbro 255lph. aem 320lph etc)?*(required)

Does this vehicle have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge?

MAF Size and Manufacturer

Has the MAF ever been replaced. If so when?*(required)

Have any of the air fuel or oxygen sensors been replaced. If so, when?*(required)

Intake System Information:
Intake type and brand (ie cobb sf, aem cold air, etc)*(required)

Intercooler Type?*(required)

What kind of turbo or supercharger is on the car, if equipped?*(required)

Wastegate Type?*(required)

Wastgate Spring Pressure:*(required)

Boost Control Solenoid Type:*(required)

Drivetrain Information:
Clutch / Flywheel Brand / Style?*(required)

Exhaust System Information:
Downpipe / test pipe / catalytic converter?*(required)

Do you have an additional exhaust bung for a wideband sensor?*(required)

Cat-back exhaust size and brand?*(required)

Engine Oil Information:
Engine oil: Brand and Weight?*(required)

Engine oil: Last Changed?

Tuning Details Request:
Would you like a Launch Control enabled map?

If yes, do you know where you want the RPM to be set?*(required)

Additional MAP Requests

Additional Information:
Is there any other information about your vehicle you can tell us that would affect the tuning session?*(required)

What are your horsepower goals for this tune?*(required)
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