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dues if you owe them check this out

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1. wes: 5.oo*
2. moe: 5.oo*
3. big ake: 15.oo
4. kasey: 10.oo
5. dustin: 5.oo*
6. jason L : 5.oo*
7. charlie r: 5.oo*
8. charles h: 10.oo
9. tom: 10.oo
10. shawn: 5.oo*
11. mike g (Not Godfrey): 15.oo
12. joe: 5.oo*
13. big dustin: 5.oo*

"note": this * star means they owe for dec. dues

these r the people that need to pay their dues as of dec. 8 2005. we really need to catch up on dues so we can order club banners, and set up fees for logos, shirt designs, jackets, cook outs, and maybe do a show this year. so everyone ask these people where their dues r any help will be good for the club. as you pay your name will drop off list. any problems or payment of dues call me or stop by house

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joey as soon as i get my atm card which will be who knows when i got the money for ya
hey joey u owe 5 bucks pay up bitch naw haha but ill get u the money
yea i owe u 20
i didnt no u guys were havin a meeting u were talkin bout it last time iam sry ill be there for the rest of them plus i have flu and was throwing up n shitting every 5 mins haha
1 - 5 of 54 Posts
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