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Hey all, new to the forums, I was browsing google for s-10 info for my 83 and found this place, seem to have a great amount of information and support and 99.9% of the people here seem pretty laid back and cool.

Anyways, I have 1983 s10. Its has a 2.8 with a mid range cam and some headwork, centerforce clutch and lowered in the rear by 3" It's a work in progress and looks like a ugly ol beater, it's primer grey and the interior is gutted except for some bucket seats i just put into it from a 87 blazer.

Im about to buy a 94+ s10 or gmc, im not sure what i want yet. I just know I want a 4.3L engine and ext cab stepside bed. Brand wise , they are pretty much the same in my eyes. What do you guys think I should go for ?

Also I have been looking for a truck club in my area. I live in Phenix city alabama, close to Auburn alabama and about 5 minutes from Columbus Ga. Anyone know of any local clubs around here ? There are not many lowriders or truck clubs around here, it's all mostly imports. I really never understood the whole pissed of bumble bee exhaust...
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