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Dropped rear 2” now I want to go after the lean..

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Here’s side pics of truck as well as measurements from ground to fender well. I love the height of the drivers side. The passenger side kinda has a squat look which is ok too. I have the Chevy lean bad to the drivers side. I had my son push down on the passenger front and it brought the right rear up so I’m kind of leaning towards lowering the right front. Im open to all ideas and criticism.
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The first S10 I had was a 98 ext cab. At about 50k I noticed the lean to the driver side. I began seeing others leaning too. I took it back to the dealer and they gave me the runaround. Offered to shim it under the front spring. I told them that was a bandaid :(
I took it to a dealer just south of Atlanta. They told me it was the rear leaf on that side and they would fix it under warranty.

I traded it for a black ext cab Extreme that same day .

My 89 is 3/4 of and inch lower on the driver side. I currently have 1 spacer in it to get it back close. A "bandaid" :(
I think a new set of 1" drop springs will be what she needs. Get the ride height like I want it and get rid of a failing part.
Happy to report. Cut 1/2 a coil off, drive to and from work (roughly 50 miles) and the front is now 29 1/2” from ground to center of fender well on both front sides. Rear is about 30” even on both sides. So I may do the set back plates to make it the same front to back. Is measuring the fender well to ground considered level? Or will one fender sit higher than the other and still be considered level?
Sounds like you got it worked out for now.
I measured mine the same way. My driver side is a tad higher, but when I get in its all good 😁😁
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