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Dropped rear 2” now I want to go after the lean..

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Here’s side pics of truck as well as measurements from ground to fender well. I love the height of the drivers side. The passenger side kinda has a squat look which is ok too. I have the Chevy lean bad to the drivers side. I had my son push down on the passenger front and it brought the right rear up so I’m kind of leaning towards lowering the right front. Im open to all ideas and criticism.
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Can you post your pics full sized so that I don't have to keep fixing them? Check your other thread for a possible fix to manbearpigs comment on the wheels being too far forward.
Whats the culprick here ? Frame or Springs or Body Mts or ?
Right…but im wanting to atleast get it a little better. Air shocks?
Surprised GM didn't offset L-R weight variation. 1976 Olds Custom Cruiser has fuel tank in L Qt fender , but also has xtra leaf in L rear axle spring assemble . All OE. I've used this 20.5 ft long leviathan as dog mobile since 1994. It still sits high (8+ in clearance) and sq , but only has 215k mi (Ya these critters actually longer and wider than Ford Expedition )
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