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Hi everyone,

New to the forum and just picked up my 3rd s10. 2.2/2WD/SCSB. I’ve searched the forums but I’m stuck.

Issue: Driver high beam not working

Troubleshooting so far:
Confirmed bulb works in other socket.
All other lights work, and bulb illuminates when the low beams are on. When the switch is on low beams, both low beams illuminate and both high beams come on at 1/2 power. The driver high beam is off when high beams are selected.

I’m testing 6.7 volts at the socket.

I’ve replaced the socket, fuses, and swapped the DRL relay, HDLMP relay and Fog relay with known good relays to confirm they’re working. I’ve added another ground straight to core support spliced into the green & white wire just behind the socket. The purple wire is the one showing low voltage. I’ve cleaned the headlight ground (I think) under the air box. I’ve confirmed the fog light fuse is good And so are all fuses in the cab. There’s no visible issues with the wiring inside the loom but I’ve jiggled everything to see if it would flicker. None of it worked.

The truck was in an accident on that side at some point but it appears cosmetic only.

I’m sure whatever is causing 6.7 volts is this issue, but how do I fix it?
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