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Do I have to change the springs to add drop spindles?

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I have a 95 RWD 4 dr Blazer that needs a front end rebuild. I am thinking of doing drop spindles since I am changing the upper and lower control arms out anyway. My question is, do I have to add different springs, or do I have to cut the front springs, or will the stock front springs still work? The vehicle only has 150,000 miles on it if that has any bearing on spring life, etc... I am only lowering the front. Going for stance. Adding a cowl induction hood soon as well (as soon as I find one cheap enough). If anyone can point me to a previous thread, or has instructions, or advise that is constructive and helpful, that would be welcomed.


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My 04 2wd Blazer with Belltech drop spindles and Belltech 2 inch drop springs total 4in drop on the front. 20x8.5 Vision-Torque with 235/35/R20 tires.
looks bad***, I’ve had those wheels for like 10yrs, not many ppl have em. I wish they came in a 22
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