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DNA Motoring Radiator

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Anyone heard of or using one of these?

Thanks in advance!
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Corvette rad is old school for S10 engine swaps. Before folks realized the stock 4.3 rad cools adequately and fit better. I have a C4. Mines 32 years old and the original works fine. They never had an all aluminum 3 core. And I'd never put that one in mine. So it's not a Corvette radiator. Just using the name to sound cool.
Long time ago I bought a Genuine GM one for an S10 swap. Had to do a lot of cutting and fitting of the support. My latest 6.0L LS swap is running the rad that came with the 99 S10 truck. Trick to getting all the air out of the cooling system with the bottom mounted thermostat on LS engines is to fill it thru a flushing tee in the big heater hose. It's the highest point and will let out any air. Just like brakes and clutches air always goes up if it can. So bleed from the highest point.
You don't want to use those old school Ford fans either. They have a huge current spike at startup and will require heavier wiring and relays. Do a search for swap radiators on here. There are a lot of alternatives.
My own swapped trucks have 99 Intrepid fans because they are a real good fit on the stock 4.3 rad. IIRC you'll need to trim 1/4" off one side of the shroud for a perfect fit.
Curious as to why you were considering a $200+ Griffin, but seem to want the cheapest offshore 4.3 radiator out there?
Rockauto has genuine GM for $195. It has both coolers. If you don't need one or the other just cap them.
I used these to plug my oil cooler fittings on the drivers side of the rad.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts