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I had been searching around this forum and didn't find good solution or suggestion for my light problem.

I have no interests in using DRL. Disable them doesn't matter to me. Only that at night, headlights are not that bright enough. My wife have hard time seeing in the dark with this dimness of the headlights. I had replaced the sealed beam headlights with Sylvania Starlight(not sure if it is correct spelling, it comes in these pink boxes.). It doesn't really solve the problem. At times, I had suspected that DRL is being faulty but my guts said that it isn't that but something else. Just because they do change brightness when turn the headlights on, still not as bright as I expected in first place.

My best guess is that it is grounding problem unless someone, have similar experience, could chime in on this.

How do I know that it isn't bright enough is that my other truck's (not chevy) headlights are much brighter and can see very clear at nite as my wife noticed when I drive my truck. Same thing when I drive my wife's blazer at night, along with other cars. I noticed that their lights are much better so I "steal" their lights to see the road.

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