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did i get ripped off??

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has anyone payed to have their truck dropped?i got mine done today and it was like 500 bucks.....sounded alittle steep to me...does anyone have any comments??
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What is that Price for?

what exactly is that quote for? If it's for springs and blocks for a 2/3 drop that sounds kind of high. On the other hand if It's for spindles and new leafs with a thrust alignment it ain't a bad price.

I think that a good price for a drop is the price of the parts (springs, spindles, blocks or whatever) and an install price of $75 for the front and $75 for the back. Then of course you need an alignment, I suggest 4 wheel and that should set you back about $50 or so.

Best thing to do for a drop is to shop it around, some shops will throw in the install with the cost of the parts (but you'll pay more for the parts from them.) Some do alignments and some don't.

Good Luck

'92 S-10 Tahoe 4.3L Bone Stock:)
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it cost me about 75 bucks for a shop close to me to install drop spings up front and align it. i bought the srpings and blocks on the net. in my opinion, i would buy the parts online and have a few places quote on install and alignment.
i just dropped mine yesterday....i was in no big hurry so i shopped around....got the blocks on ebay for 20 (new)......and post a thread on here sayin i wanted to buy a set on spindles....i got lucky and a guy responded and told me he had a set of brand new belltech spindles he would sell me for 120 shipped......i had a pretty good idea of what was involved, so between that and the info i got here, i was able to put em on myself....right now i'm in the process of findin someone that can do and alignment and that'll run me bout 50......so total for a 2/3 drop i'm lookin at 190 bones......not bad huh?
I'm getting 4/6 drop for 788 out the door including alignment.

If that helps.
well i already had my parts...1in sprinfs 2in spindles and 4in blocks...and i think the totla is around 500 for install and alignment...does that sound reasonable?
holy !!!

500 for labor?!? to me thats pretty high... im getting charged 200 for labor with the 4/6. my 2cents, but I'm also local to streetbeat customs... i'd call around some more first though.
Danthemanxx said:
well i already had my parts...1in sprinfs 2in spindles and 4in blocks...and i think the totla is around 500 for install and alignment...does that sound reasonable?

damn, i think thats waaaaaaaay too much:eek: , shop around.:thumbup:
MightyMouseJ5 said:

damn, i think thats waaaaaaaay too much:eek: , shop around.:thumbup:
Kinda too late to shop around...Its done already!
01ZQ8 said:

Kinda too late to shop around...Its done already!
that sux:(
Yea...it was too much

But don't stew over it too much. Think of it as a $300 lesson and put the word out on the street about how they ripped you off and make sure none of your friends go to that place. Tell us their name so we know not to go there!

'92 S-10 Tahoe 4.3L Bone Stock
How long did it take them to do? I think $300 would have been closer to a fair price but atleast if anything is wrong you get to blame them. Enjoy it I've gotten more than $500 of enjoyment from mine being lowered. <g>
it took like 9 hours..they said had to reset the front springs twice..im not usre what that means...but it sounded like a *****.
Thats how long it took my brother and I... Minus the alignment they charged you $50 an hour. Whats the hourly rate mechanics are charging these days? No matter what, be happy with the drop and dont kill yourself over the price. Anything goes wrong I'm sure you'll be all over their asses about which will make it worth the price.
Well, put this one down as a lesson learned. Im sure if you had posted that you needed help, that you would have found someone that could have talked you thru the drop. Im sure the first time you ever have to do any work on the suspension, and you take things apart, you will soon realize how simple it really is.
Next time, drop a message in here. Ive noticed a lot of experienced people in here.


$500 you got raped, sorry but that's how you learn from your mistakes. The shop down the corner sells their kit for $500 and that includes parts, labor and alignment. My truck I lowered it 4/5, coil,spindles, leafs, and block it took my friend and I about 9 hours to do it but we were drunk off our a$$. .
DiD YoU G eT RiPPed..............!

BaCk in 98 i payued round $200.00 for a shop
to install a 3/3 drop....!
Then Last May I had the same shop
remove the 3/3 and with 2 new shocks up front it was a little over $300...........!
.......................! SO i agree with the guys...
put the word out about
that that place.......!
well i got it done at tire kingdom..they did a good job and everything is warrantied.....but i learn from my mistakes....heres a pic of it now...but stil....somethings missing......hmmmm wonder what


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18s in the front and 20s in the back ?


looks good low
ill prob just go 17's all the wasy around
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