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I have a 1999 4.3l v6 pickup and I’ve always had a delayed start but it would ALWAYS start after pressing the pedal a bit. Now when I go to start it and press the pedal the pedal makes a pop noise and the crank noise changes to a e E eee sound if that makes sense. It takes a lot longer to start, I have to pump the pedal turn the key off and on and it’s basically like a freaking cheat code to get my truck started. It doesn’t happen every time but it’s happening a lot more often now. In the mornings when the engine was cold it would crank right up and when it was warm it’d take a bit but now it’s happening no matter if it’s cold or warm and it’s taking longer to start. Please help.

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Start with the basics. Does it post any codes when you scan it? If you don't have a scanner you can use your cellphone with a BAFX bluetooth adapter from Amazon and download the App called Torque Pro the App Store. Total investment $32.

Or take your truck to Autozone or AA or Oh Really's and have them scan it. Be sure to write down all the codes and let us know what they are. While you are there borrow their fuel pump tester and find out what your fuel pressure is with the key on but not running. If it's not at least 55 it won't start. GM's min. spec is 60 PSI.
Sounds as tho you may also have a starter problem. Not surprising after abusing it for some time.
How many miles on your truck? 2 or 4wd? stick or shiftless? Any mods or major other issues?

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It's probably the spider injector assembly if it resembles my situation which was corrected after replacing the spider injector assembly.
It was leaking fuel and hard to start when warmed up because it would flood, it started right up when cold because fuel had dissipated.
Starting vehicle started to take longer cranking after several months due to components getting more damaged with use.
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