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what happened to all the info about it i messaged "AVTekk"?? i'll submit it:

1. 1997 sonoma bed, 2000 bravada front cab portion, 2001 s-10 rear cab portion

2. sonoma, bravada, s-10 = "brava-dime"

3. Lamborghini Murcielago kandy burnt orange w/ wood grain "woody" graphics, shaved everything, stretched cab, garage fabb'd rear doors, longbed, rockers cut off to lay doors, sheetmetal bed, lots of extras throughout.

4. full fiberglass dash, door panels, misc. interior plastics, sand colored texture sprayed on all 12 plastic pieces to look like sand, right hand drive, lexan glass and bamboo floors, suede headliner, misc. super-low seats for headroom, 64 impala steering wheel, tikis for shifter and cab back wall.

5. cavilier intake to keep stock sonoma hood, various painted goodies, york 210 edc replacing a/c pump for air, custom made intake tube, k&n filter, pretty much a "slug" 2.2.

6. two 5 gal. air tanks under bed, slam re-7 bags up front w/ garage made off-set cups, conti. 2,600 out back, cantilever (bags unde bars, over frame) 2 link, underslung frame (imagine that, lol), 3/8" red airline, 3/8" valves, york 210 edc, deisel switches w/ wood extensions.

7. stock 14"s painted wood grain w/ chrome trim rings and dog dishes. 18/75-14 rubber whitewalls.

8. listening to the cherry bomb glass pack, also four 6" marine speakers w/ ipod as head unit. looking through the lexan floor while driving, watching people try to figure out WTF this thing is, lmfao

9. feature in RIDENLOW magazine, shot for streetrucks mag's "blood, sweat and tears", in the new SURFACE dvd, a few high 5's, cpl. best-of's, a few parades and THE S10FORUM T.O.T.M. dec. 2010. ALL THIS IN 4 MONTHS TIME SHOWING.

10. every single member on s10forum who has clicked the "brava-dime" link while i was building it, commented, questioned, and gave value'able information from day 1. my wife, kids, show go'ers and cen*cals local living legend, SCOTTY for which his support couldnt be measured, YOU DA MAN!! all those i have met over the years at shows, hang-outs and benefit gatherings, lets make more history!!!!!

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Oh sure, TOTM winner is a nice truck with a nice warm background, you trying to rub it in S10forum that it's cold every where else but California?
Congrats though, truck is a deserved TOTM!
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