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Deal of the New Year 4.3L W or X Performance parts.

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I have a New Comp Cam P/N 65-440-8 and a set of custom order Claimer .30 over pistons new for the 4.3L balance shaft w or x engine. both cam and set of pistons for $400 shipped anywhere in the US. I paid close to $1,000 for the cam and piston set so $400 shipped is a steal. They are just sitting on a shelf in my garage since I decided to go LS. Chevrolet GMC 4.3L Comp Cam & custom Claimer pistons | eBay If any of you are worrying about the high dome on the pistons, my machinist suggested I do that because it's easier to remove material from the piston because you can't add material back to the piston. So when deck height and cylinder head volume figured out then you can figure out how much material you need to remove from the pistons to get your desired compression ratio.
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