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Yes, pull the dash speakers!!!!!!

I replaced the speakers in the doors and back seat first and them added a 10" bandpass JL sub with a JL 250/1 amp. The bass was louder than the highs I had to cut down the amp too much. So I replaced the DASH speakers with Boston Acoustics FX7 two-ways. The speakers are 4X6 plates and will install easy. They will handle 12-80watts at 70-20,000Hz. My highs came back. I had 1" tweeters in the dash (stock) and as the system got bigger they had to go.


1-Leather seats and top door panels
2-GPS alarm
3-Billet Bowtie
4-255/45/18 Pirelli Zero's on HALO rims
5-Boston Acoustics speakers in doors/dash
6-Pioneer 6x9's in the back seat area
7-K&N drop in air filter (for now)
8-FlowMaster 40series with 2 1/4 pipe out the back
The pipe out the back may change?
9-2/3 DROP with Belltech Spindles and Blocks
10-Poweraid Spacer
11-Removed MAF Screen
12-JL amp and one 10” JL subwoofer
Yes, Pull the dash speakers.
:headbang: :headbang:

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i replaced the original speaker
by one 3 way separate boston pro 6.5.1
sound great but not cheaper

i put the medium speaker and the tweeter
on a wood board



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My dash speakers are long gone. I replaced'em with this kickin' speaker from Pioneer, the TS-P462. It's a component mid & tweet AND that has a built in x-over... Ooooh yeah, for a while those were kickin' louder than my lows!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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