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I am doing this over since I never actually did an upgrade thread on my s10 that replaced my 4 door blazer. I purchased this truck late November and it really needed A LOT hence the good deal. It is a stripper truck, no carpet, no power doors but it does have a 4.3, 4l60e exactly what I wanted.

The brakes were destroyed........
The Blazer was robbed of many parts for this s10 lol.
2" drop spindles
Slotted and drilled rotors
New Stainless brake lines

I did end up putting a factory shifter and console in it, cannot find the pics of that at this time I may just upload a pic later.

I also had some issues with the fuel sending unit the precious owner put some plastic JB Weld on the fittings so a new sending unit was ordered and I used a Quantum 255 pump, then I replaced the spider injection now she runs sweet and gets great fuel mileage.

As for now the s10 is on 2" drop spindles, and 2.5" blocks. 275-40-18s. The 8.8 is not quite ready to be installed but I will cover that soon.

I switched my front end to the Envoy, just a little bit of body prep and it will be ready for paint, thank goodness....

I know she looks a little rough but she will be tightened up soon.
I am adding power doors that I got from a real clean Jimmy, great price too! They stay off until everything is painted.

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Gotta love an 8.5", True trac lays 2 stripes every time
From wich model do you get rear end? I would like to do the same in my 92
2001 5spd Blazer 2wd
Only because I lucked out with finding one other than that it would have been an 8.8 from an Explorer.
nothing to adapt to use the explorer one?

The ever so elusive 8.5 s10 rear costs more IF you find one, you have to get your driveshaft shortened 3/4" also whereas the 8.8 gets a conversion u joint and a 3.00 fitting to go from ford to chevy on the main brake line.
thank you very much
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