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Current pictures of your trucks

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I am bored and want to see where all of you are at and what they look like, lol.

Basically an out let for you MNST guys to be picture whores. Also update often as you do things to the trucks or whatever you are working on.
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I suppose I can start it,

more later when I take the pictures.
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Here's the most recent one of mine:

Nothing new besides the scratched up wheel and rocker.
Best picture of your truck ever.:p
I wish it still was clean,

my poor blazer away in storage, the el camino is in front of it under a cover.

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its totally flat actually.
Shot today!

I need a drop :(
Geez how does your short ass even get in that thing. I thought you 5/6 the white one out of necessity.:haha:
Dammit people, I want to see pictures of your trucks burried in snow or under covers or something. lol

Oh and here is a picture of the clusterfuck known as James

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that damn red bleeds through the cover, lol.
pathfinder slide out in front of me on the I-94. No one was hurt.
Dammit, they should have and their little dog too.:haha:
you mean changing your Christmas wreath right?lol
i forgot how pretty that thing was. lol
yeah, i need to spend some quality time with it soon
Yeah you do, get to sanding already.
Jim, those wheels on the 95 look badass!!
Thanks they look cool, the best part is I stole them from my roommate so I get all the cool looks with none of the price.:haha:
:rotf::rotf::rotf:... Hey Jim, you dropped your patch

Ah ah ah, that's not mine I was holding it for my friend...:leave:
Did they tape of anything while painting that thing? Still looks good though, what gear you putting in it?
1 - 20 of 131 Posts
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