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Current pictures of your trucks

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I am bored and want to see where all of you are at and what they look like, lol.

Basically an out let for you MNST guys to be picture whores. Also update often as you do things to the trucks or whatever you are working on.
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Here's the most recent one of mine:

Nothing new besides the scratched up wheel and rocker.
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Your tire's low.
Wow! The other truck rolled over? I didnt know that. Crazy.
It's a picture containing my truck...that I took today. :D
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Yup, you should. I think its off of 23.
Wow, that red's shiny.
The 17's would look awesome on the white one.
Aww, and I'm not just saying that because i found them for you. I really think they would look good.
My turn for the year.

One of the Bravada by itself
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1 - 13 of 131 Posts
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