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Current pictures of your trucks

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I am bored and want to see where all of you are at and what they look like, lol.

Basically an out let for you MNST guys to be picture whores. Also update often as you do things to the trucks or whatever you are working on.
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few weeks ago..


already have a new valance and bumper lights, just needs paint.. waiting till the thaw.. ;)
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Don't show me that, it makes me think twice about rocking my typhoon in the winter. lol

Glad to hear you have the parts to fix it.
Your driving that in the winter? wtf is wrong with you? :sicka:
My neighbor in CA had the Syclone version in red with
Marlboro stickers on it that someone turned into a T-top..
I don't think he even smoked..

I have always wanted the drive train from a Syclone in an extended cab 93 S10..
No, I believe that would have been the ultra rare marlboro syclone. The t-tops were part of the package. Big money, from what ive read theres only 10 of them. And whats wrong with driving an awd truck in the winter???
I helped the guy install a new turbocharger on it..
He didn't know much about it, so I made him a little boost controller and
we bumped it up by 2psi and eliminated the computer coltrol of boost responce.. :D
The T-tops looked like a hack job on the inside, I helped to stop them from leaking..

as for driving something AWD in the winter, I'm all for it, I just wouldn't drive something "I liked" in the winter time because the salt and snow are going to eat the hell out of those poor trucks..

I'd drive an awd Ford Tempo with no worries before I'd even think of abusing a Sy/Ty
Hahaha....Noone ever ever said he liked that truck:p. Jim just does that to spite people...Hes a dick like that:D Honestly hes not ruining that truck any more then it was when he got it. Its called "Rusty" for a reason. As for the Sy you were working on.....did it look like this http://www.marlborosyclone.com/
looked the same..
I hate red, don't smoke and hate sunroofs, convertables..
but I wanted that truck pretty bad..
Did ya notice the price?
It's only worth what someones willing to pay for it..
sorry, but it's just not a $70K truck reguardless of rarity..
Lol, first off I own 5 of these things this one's body is very far gone. The roof is barely there, missing body mounts, fenders, doors and tailgate are shot. the only thing off the body that will be reused is the cowl and cladding.:haha: And jason is right I do it out of spite, example.... " oh that typhoon, yeah its my winter beater.":rotf:

As for the Marlboro, do you have any pictures? To losers like me that are in such a cult, they are the syclone to have.
In that case, I appreciate that it's a winter beater :D
I pissed off alot of people with my Camaro that had a 302 in it..
(how I bought it from my brother)

one car wrecked, another with a popped engine, well.. rest was history..
No pics of the Marlboro truck, I moved here about 1.75 years ago
and last I heard, he was getting forclosed on but short sold it..

I was back in Ca for almost a Month for Christmas/New Years and the house was being repainted and roofed with new people moving in just as I was leaving.

I got to drive it a few times..
That hack job of a targa leaked, I bet they all leaked from day one..
I had some samples sent to me from JC Whitney and got lucky and replaced it with proper rubber trim and killed off the leaks..

I hooked up the wideband o2 setup and we jumped it about 2psi more safely.
nothing special..

seats were somewhat uncomfortable.. they looked nice, about it..
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I got an offer on my current pair of retrofitted projection HID's..

So I put the stockers back on and I CAN'T SEE!!!!!!! :eek:

so I've started another one.. :D
This time I'm killing off the chrome and keeping it simple, I'm going full stealth black.

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I got sick of the hyper flashing, so I did a ghetto
drift mod till I can find someone to paint my valance. :D:rotf:

a buddy of mine posted this on our Tacoma club forum and it inspired me :p

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funnel cloud just seconds before touchdown..

hows that for a back drop? ;)

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