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Cruise in Sullivan Sept 4th

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Dunno what happened with the club this summer, guess it just is what it is, I was super busy with work and class two nights a week. Started school again yesterday, still working 16 hours and have Brandons Freshmen football games every Thursday evening, but would still like to go to a few more shows this year. I know my busy schedule is like an excuse, but I guess it is what it is......

Anyway, cruise in guys, Jared and I went to this show a few years ago, kinda slow but hey, maybe we can cruise back to my house, grill and play some bags.....drink a few beers or whatever!

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i'd love to, but until i get a job i have no money and a broken truck. so i'm pretty much stuck here in a rut. lol
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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