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Cruise for Charity

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k guys its 340 am and i cant sleep this blows and i have class at 9 oh well, i was just reading around and Eric you mentioned the cruise for charity, i say that since we are getting this club started that we all enter the cruise for the weekend whenever it is, i went to it last year and there was some nice ass cars/trucks and whatever else like a huge ass shopping cart, but i think it would just be cool if we all entered in it and had all of our trucks/cars there just an idea, doesnt hurt to plan way the hell before something actually happens lol , on another subject we need to decide on club logos shirts and whatever else we want, and decide on laws and stuff well this is my rambling its probably just the vicodin talking or could be because its 345 in the morning now and i need sleep but im not tired :cuss: :cuss: later guys ... brad see you at class
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Yea dude cruise for charity is usually the first weekend of september. I know they give discounts to group registrations i know that. it is really an awesome show with an awesome cruise through the convention center at the end of the night. Yea we really should get together and get **** going. i think this saturday we are getting together.
"The Cruise" was a blast last year :jester: I almost got registered for free because I'm good friends with Ronnie from "Benchmark", but they were out of their complimentery tickets. I did everything but the final cruise, and I'm so pissed I didn't :banghead: stories of guys doing all out burnouts in the middle of the street:hitit:
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