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Crew Cab Overhead Console

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Before I bought my wifes truck, we test drove a crew cab.
My wife really liked the Exterior Temp. Gauge and the cubby holes for sunglasses and what not.
Does anyone know if the overhead console would fit into an Ext. Cab?
And how about the wiring harness for the lights and Temp sensor? Would that be undeneath the headliner already or would I have to route my own wires?
TIA... John
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This kind of like comparing apples to oranges but it may help you and let you find out what your in for. On Rangers, some of us take out over head consoles from Explorers. They have the same headliner so it works. I doubt that the wiring is there for what you need. http://www.rangerforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3650
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