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Coolant leak permanent fix

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Hi if you have a coolant leak and it is not a hose, cracked radiator tank or something of this nature. This product was created for the racing industry and it works better than ANYTHING on the market. It's available at your local auto parts store, it's called K-Seal and it comes in a small blue bottle for under 20 bucks. Hope this helps anyone.
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I've been in contact with the op. If you disagree with his posts, that's fine, but let's keep it civil...
I wasn't replying to the OP, his posts have all been advertising thinly veiled as "help". The guy I quoted is just spewing nonsense that I hope no one is naive enough to follow.
Wasn't directed at you...just in general.
I once used 2 bottles to fix a headgasket in a Walmart Parking lot. Didn't work and ended up replacing the headgasket before leaving the parking lot. Also didn't work. On the drive to the parts store for bottle #3 I think the first 2 bottles finally did something, but I dumped #3 in the radiator anyway. It got me 1000+ miles home, but not something I'd do in most any other situation.
You and Max need to work on the t-shirt thing...
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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