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Okay heres the situation. I had a overheating problem about a year ago and took my truck in and they did some stuff to my radiator. Just recently my truck began losing water quite a bit. I took it to the dealer and was told i had a bad gasket between the intake manifold and the block. My dad asked if this was a common problem with this engine and of course their answer was no and they have never seen it before. Just to check on what they said, i called a local engine builder/rebuilder-Johnny Lightning and told them i had a coolant leak in my truck. The first thing the guy said is "let me guess, you have a 1994 or newer 4.3 liter chevy engine" and of course i said yeah-How did you know? He then stated that it was a common problem on these engines along with the 5.7 v8. So the dealer aboviously lied about it. I had the dealer fix it and when i picked it up my engine was acting real wierd. It didnt have normal power and was shifting at really high rpm's. Then i parked at my house but left again 2 hours later. I was driving and my engine freaked out---it was topping out at 30 miles per hour at about 4000 rpm's.:uhoh:
It also had no response when i hit the throttle. I then realized something was really wrong. I left my truck alone for the night but had it towed to the dealer the next day. Today they finally told me what was supposedely wrong. They said that the coolant leak made its way to the crankshaft bearings and coroded them over time and that i would need a new engine. So they basically tried to tell me that this engine problem coincidentally showed itself after they had my engine in pieces. Which i believe is a crock of shi*. My dad flipped out on the guy at the dealer and finally got it out of him that this is a re-occuring problem with the 4.3 motor. He then said that gm warrantys this specific problem until 50,000 miles yet it usually shows itself after that point. We are in the process of trying to get ahold of the regional gm office to see what they will do cuz this is bullshi*. The dealer told us that they would install a new motor with no labor charge but we still need a motor. If gm doesnt lower their cost of the engine direct, then the dealer offered us a brand new warrantied engine for $2000. out the door. If anyone knows where i can get a crate engine cheaper, please let me know. And if you have heard of this problem before please let me know. I appreciate all input about this topic.
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