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Compressor Updates On Site!!!!

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Hey Everyone.
Just letting everyone know we have added some new compressors to our product lines for 2004.

These are the compressors that we will be carrying for 2004.
FIRESTONE 9210 (150psi) $119.95 ($113.95 Final Cost)
VIAIR 280C (150psi) $109.95 ($104.45 Final Cost)
VIAIR 350C Chrome (150psi) $169.95 ($161.45 Final Cost)
VIAIR 380C Chrome (200psi) $199.95 ($189.95 Final Cost)
VIAIR 450C (150psi) $209.95 ($199.45 Final Cost)
VIAIR 450C Chrome (150psi) $199.95 ($189.95 Final Cost)
VIAIR 550C (150psi) $299.95 ($284.95 Final Cost)

All the "PSI" Ratings listed will be the max pressure that we offer our "NO HASSLE" Warranty on.

In order to recieve final price simply enter the discount code when ask on the website and that will deduct the current sale price to the final S-10 forum special pricing.

Link To Compressors Online

Merry Christmas!!!!
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hehe...just got my 2 450's last friday, thanks for the killer deal matt :thumbup:
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