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whats up everybody... I have a few things that i really need to sell because i plan on going away to school next semester.

~ 12" earthquake magma sub
~ 12" earthquake magma passives
~custom enclosure for subs and passives
~earthquake phd2 amp (last years model) 2000 watts RMS
~1/2 farad cap.
~200 amp stinger fuse block and fuse

I had this installed in my blazer X so the wires will be long enough for pretty much any vehicle. All of the equipment is in good condition and was used for about 4 months. I know that I am not gonig to get nearly what i paid for it, but keep in mind that this is expensive car audio. email me [email protected] with a offer or any questions. Thanks!

want my #... 911 beotch!!
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Blazin X said:
i'd really like to keep the system together and sell it all at once but if i cant then i'd sell the d2 for $400. Later

if you slip the system and LORD MASTER GOD doesnt take the amp, i might. keep me posted if ya can. thanks!:thumbup:
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