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New COMP Cams 56-440-8 Magnum Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Duration 260/266, Lift .500/.500, Chevy 1992-2002, 4.3L, will work in 2003- 05 also.

I purchased this camshaft about 3 years ago paid a little over $400 for it. I did not have time to do the build I wanted on the 4.3l decided to go LS instead. The price for the cam is $250 shipped anywhere in the US. Payments through PayPal. Whoever is interested I will send them an invoice through PayPal that way your payment is guaranteed if anything happens. By doing this I'm eating the PayPal fees as long as payments are protected I'm fine with that.

This cam is not just a drop in and go. Read all installation notes from link below. You will need upgraded valve springs and adjustable rocker arms or as my machine shop told me if I want to stay with the original OEM rocker arms to have custom length push rods made and that will do away with the need for adjustable rocker arms.
Magnum Computer Controlled 206/210 Hydraulic Roller Cam Chevrolet 262/4.3L V6
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To potential buyers all sells will go like this. I will send the potential buyer a invoice through PayPal if you have a PayPal account you can use that to pay the invoice or you can use a credit card to pay through PayPal. As soon as you pay I will create a tracking number through PayPal that day or the next day depending on what time it's paid and you will receive an email with the tracking number. By doing PayPal invoice I am paying all taxes and invoice fees on this purchase that you're making and your money is guaranteed by PayPal if something happens during shipping unlike using friends & family to pay. Your money is not guaranteed that way.
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