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Community Question: Pet Pictures/Videos/Stories

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Hello everyone!

For many of us, our furry (or maybe not so furry) friends are as much members of the family as our husbands, wives, or children.

Of course, husbands, wives, and kids don’t often make the most enthusiastic sidekicks whereas our pets are more than happy to tag along with just about anything we do.

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We’d love for you to share pictures and videos of you and your non-human family members doing whatever it is you both love to do together.

Thank you for being part of this community, for being kind, and for sharing.

~VS Community Management Team
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I speak only from personal experience, but if more people behaved more like the family pet members that we so cherish, the world could be a better place to live in. I know for a fact that my canine family member behaves better than most of the more 'volatile' jerks that dwell amongst us. I will also freely admit that some folks consider my dog to be the more socially acceptable of the two of us! :) And that's a good thing since he is a weekly volunteer therapy dog at a local retirement center.
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This is Penny, probably the best penguin ever. Been my road dog for years, doesn’t talk too much, pretty good listener, bout to hit 500k in the Duramax together.
Is that a smile on his face while he's flipping you the bird? :LOL:
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