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Colunm Shifter

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The handle on my column shifter has to be pushed forward so the key can rotate (or do what ever it has to do) so it can be removed. It feels like there should a spring in there to constantly keep the shifter in the correct position and that spring has broken or departed the vehicle so to speak.
I see in the GM parts catalog on line that there is a unit that contains the shifter and immediate associated parts in a sub- assembly. There is no mention of the automatic shifter in the Haynes Book; just the manual shifter is mentioned. Anybody ever mess with this?
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What year S10 are you working on, and many columns interchange, so that may be your quickest route.
My bad! I have an 2004 ZR 5 S-10.
I haven't ever been in a column shifter before so this is brand new to me. I see a spring in there though that looks like it might be what's broken in my column. I wonder if that spring is available or would it be better to go the the next higher assembly, like a sub assembly of the shifter handle and the immediately associated parts all assembled at the factory
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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