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color theory and adjustment

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ok, here is the ppg training manual for color adjustment....

the page number in the index will refer to the post for each section:)

page 17 and 18 were classroom exercises so i found some pics from daytona and scanned them.

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that's it....everything else is ppg exclusive....enjoy.
You could of made a PDF file. :rotf:

You must be pretty bored, Wanna finsh this caddy front clip on this 2003 GMC Sierra for free?

You know, since you got all this free time n all.
yup...and i just got acrobat and will eventually learn to do that...but for now,this will work just fine.

what is finsh? is that a new technique i do not know about....since i'm old?
Yup its like like finish, but shorter. lol
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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