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Hello! 1989 S10 2.8L 5Spd, shortbox

Now that the cold weather has been here for a couple days I've noticed I developed a shudder upon take off.

Regardless of the engine temp (I could start it and let it warm right up, or go straight from cold), it shudders real bad for the 2-3 miles...

After that, it drives like it normal with no shudder - almost as if something mechanical in the drive line has "warmed" up.

I don't think it's a problem with ice or snow build up.

Depressing the clutch and coasting in neutral doesn't make the problem go away.

In fact, when depressing the clutch, the truck slows right down, almost as if I'm breaking.

My first thoughts were the U-Joints - haven't checked them for play yet as it's only been three days since this has started (well timed with the cold, too busy shoveling LOL) and haven't had a chance yet...

Looking for some thoughts/ideas...

Thank in advance

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only problem is in the tires. sitting in cold they develope "flat" spots. after a couple of miles of running the heat smooths them out.
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