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Clearwater Cylinder Heads

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I live in Tampa, and when the head cracked on my 98 2.2l, I decided to purchase a rebuilt head from Clearwater Cylinder Heads. After I got the valve cover off and got the casting number, I called CCH to see if they had one in stock. They carry 2 different type heads for this 2.2, the OEM rebuilt, and another head with an after-market casting which is not as prone to cracking as the oem head. The oem was about $215, and the better head was about $100 more.

I was short on cash, so I decided to go with the OEM head, and I was told they didn't have one on the shelf, but they would get one done for me, and it would be ready by about noon the next day, but call first to check and be sure. The next day I called, and I was told it was ready, so I had a friend give me a ride over there. It's about 40 miles from me. So I get there, and it winds up that they did not have the head ready, and much to my surprise, they gave me the better head at no extra cost! :)

If that isn't customer service, I don't know what is! Great people over there! Many Thanks CCH!
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