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Cleaning out my garage. Email me for pictures / info. Located in Denville NJ. [email protected]

The following items for sale:

S10 cover: $125. Gray. Block-it Fabric (I think it is Block-it Noah - see link)

Ractive blue carbn fiber tachometer. Housing painted white. Used. $50. (http://www.autotoys.com/x/product.php?productid=3882)
Ractive Blue Caron Turbo Gauge: $40. New in box.
Ractive Blue Carbon Oil Temp: Opened but never installed. $40.
Ractive 10 select LED air fuel ratio: Opened but never installed. $40.

36" x 18" SFC moonroof with gaskets. $80.

Cavilear 2.2l intake manifold. Painted custom blue with metallic flakes: $50. (paint peeling on underside.

Grover dual chrome truck horn: $50.

Accel coil packs for 2.2l s10. Used for less than 100 miles. $40 for pair.

2000 S10 2wd inner tie rod $25 for both.

56mm throttle body from quad 4: Painted black. $50.


Used: Snap on Set, Socket, Metric, Semi Deep, 6-Point (12pc) (8 to 19 mm). (https://store.snapon.com/Deep-mm-Set-Socket-Metric-Impact-Deep-6-Point-25pc-10-to-27mm-29mm-30mm-32-to-36mm--P646584.aspx) $350.

Used: Snap-on 10pc 12-Pt Flank Drive® Plus Metric Ratcheting Box/Open End Combination Wrench Set (10–19mm) (https://store.snapon.com/Ratcheting-Combination-Standard-Handle-15-Offset-mm-10pc-12-Pt-Flank-Drive-reg-Plus-Metric-Ratcheting-Box-Open-End-Combination-Wrench-Set-10-19mm--P644261.aspx) $150.

Used: Snap on Puller, Power Steering and Alternator Pulley: (https://store.snapon.com/Power-Steering-and-Alternator-Pullers-Single-Pullers-Puller-Power-Steering-and-Alternator-Pulley-P635351.aspx). $35.

Craftsman impact gun. 300 ft-lbs: $50. Used.

Husky impact gun: 260 ft-lbs. $40. Used.


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