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Chrome trim

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Is there anywhere to get the “formerly” chrome strip on the impact strip?

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We have an Auto Body Supply store near us, like a NAPA but solely for auto body guys. It's stunning to see all the materials and parts and tools that are available but not seen in ordinary parts stores. There is, or at least was before the supply chain collapsed, a wide variety of that trim material available by the foot.
Maybe not a branch of them, they appear to be a local outfit, but it has to be that every more populated area, like cities, must have them. I have used D&G. Maybe just google.

D&G Auto Body Supply, Fitchburg MA

J&R Auto Body Supply, Framingham MA
ScottyV said.... I painted them argent silver( GM Wheel Color) a few years ago and that has held up pretty well. Prep is King with that as always. That's a good plan, likely what I'd do. There are some spray bombs of primer/bonding paint just for adherence to the vinyls and plastics, one I have is called Bulldog, actually came from D&G above; there are likely others in the auto body supply stores.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts