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Whats up S10 people,

My electric choke stopped working (Im pretty sure at least). I think this because the choke light would stay on, the engine would idle high and wouldn't idle down like normal. I got under the hood to play with the carb and was able to have it idle down but as soon as I gave it gas it would idle high again. I think the choke wasn't pulling up the knuckle causing it to keep the engine at a high rev.

For a temporary fix, I unscrewed the screw thats on the idle plate. At least I think its called the idle plate and I think the screw is the fast idle screw. Now I just have to feather the gas for about 30 sec during start up. It runs but the choke light is on.

My question is, does this effect the air fuel ratio? I didn't mess with any other screws. Is the choke always open now or closed? Im not sure how this works! Also, is that the fast idle screw on the idle plate that I unscrewed (just checking if I got the parts right)?

There’s some photos for you guys to check out.

83 S10 2.8 Electric Choke
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