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Check In Thread

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Ok guys and girls here ya go!!!!!!!!!!
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emptypockets said:
Present and in custody :troutslap
Check it out BABY!!!!!!!!!
I performed my first thread stick!!!!!
LiquidFusion said:
Interested in joining...however Im in Central Cal rather than NOR CAL, so yeah,...my AIM is Hermosaa6903 if ya wanna IM me
Hey bud I see your in fresno, I am in Los Banos, not too far.
We meet here Once A month, well we are supposed to anyway.
LiquidFusion said:
Yeah, it isn't that far at all. One hour and 23 minutes according to MapQuest, but I'm always a little under the times they give me. Hmm I dont want you guys to drive too far just cuz you have one guy (that I know of) from Fresno, so you want me to drive up there if I get in the club?
That would be A 3 hour drive for you to San Jose.:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
LiquidFusion said:
I parked that way to make it look lower!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :cool:
Hey liquidfusion do you have A gallery?
LiquidFusion said:
Not yet, but I plan to "borrow" my dad's digital camera so I can take a few pix and maybe create one.

Here are the specs:

2000 GMC Sonoma, Ext. Cab

Lowered 2" in front (spindles) 3" in back (blocks)
Euro tail lights (red)
Sir Michael's Roll Pan (white)
Snug Top (white)
2 450W Pioneer Subs
720W Jensen Amp (soon to be replaced) Mostly 4 gauge wire
AIRAID CoolAir Intake
Pioneer 350 CD Deck
YEAH right on dude another sonoma in the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm planning A power take over of the gmc guys!!!!!!!
LiquidFusion said:
Okay, but it might take a while. I have to save up money. I drove up to my ex gfs house in Woodland and spent $60 on gas! This weekend isnt good since I'm workin 12-830 PM.

Will there be any time when you might be closer to Central CAL so I wont have to make a roadtrip. Don't get me wrong Id like to meet everyone there. Just checking so I dont shoot myself in the foot.

Next weekend we are go'n to the good guys show.
You can meet up w/ me in L.B.
Then hopefully here soon we are gonna meet in L.B on A sat night.
2k1-Xtreme said:
Hey wassup guys. I'm going to be moving to Pacifica here by the end of the month and i'll be looking for some s10's to hang out. Maybe i could join or something who knows. Everything about my truck is in my sig.
UHHHH We have A prob. w/ white extreme's!!
LOL!! J/K we had A guy that was giv'n us some probs that drove one.
Anywaz look us up when ya get here!!!!
LiquidFusion said:
Sounds good. When and where for the good guys show?
Hey andrew I will P/M you my Phone # and we can set it up.
hey check oput our forum and we can talk more.
ezmouse said:
hey maycon we can probably make it up there say aprill 3rd or maybe 24th . can talk more at good guys oh yea whats up guys glad to talk with you. :)
sounds good.
Hey I got A partner to cruize to the shows w/ from now on.:D
LiquidFusion said:
Hey, whats with your link. I think the first one doesn't work for the forum, but the one under it does. Check it out.

Yeah when this forum got restructured something happened and I had to add that second link.
The first got connected to my sig somehow.
LiquidFusion said:
Yo, Macon, I'm not gonna be able to head to the Pleasanton meet, but I'll try the one later in April I believe it is. I have to work so this is a bit more important, being as I'm shit broke and I can't afford another road trip. I'm pretty sure by April I can cover the costs and have the weekends off. I got a job 40 hours a week and $10 per hour and weekends off. The only catch is that I work 7-4 M-F. Oh, well.

Cool No prob I was gonna call ya today
LiquidFusion said:
Um dont call my cell cuz my *^%[email protected]#% mom disconnected it :rant:
ran up A $500 bill LOL J/K.
2k1-Xtreme said:
Hey wassup guys. Hey i got a question, that hopefully someone could answer for me. I'm gonna be coming down the 1st and i'm dring my Xtreme. Its lowered 2/3 and i was wondering how the roads are down there. Are they just gonna tear the shit out of my truck? Thanks guys.
It all depends on where you drive, I drive on some really f*cked up streets and they beat my truck to hell.
LiquidFusion said:
LoL I almost bottomed out going to work. I was going like 20 then...SSSCCCRRRAAAAPPPEEE..Im like oh shit...I parked the car in the parking lot and inspected for damage. Nothign serious I swear those dips are getting worse all the time
Hwy 101 through morgan hill going into san jose is terrible! LUCKILY I DON'T DRIVE IN THE SLOW LANE LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Hey 2k1-X

emptypockets said:
BTW nice wheels.
Nice Hood also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
billabongfosix said:
hey guess what guys im about to drive across the country to get my grille from liquid fusion..........he thinks its funny or something to not pm me back because i sent him a check for a grille of his and now somehow he hasnt kept and touch and i have not got my grille. doesnt sound like a nice club member dudes hes a cheater.
If that's true it's not too cool.
Let's see what andrew says about it.
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