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Ok guys and girls here ya go!!!!!!!!!!
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Present and in custody :troutslap
W'sup LiquidFusion. I've made it to Fresno in less than 2 hours from San Jose. No need to come all the way out here, there are some awesome shows there in the Central Valley that we're sure to attend.

Howdy 2k1-Xtreme, I think some members are going to the Half Moon Bay show April 25th if they're not too hung over from the party at Joe's. That's right down the coast from you.
Hey 2k1-X

BTW nice wheels.
LODI? Who the hell wants to go to LODI?

Hehehe I gotta work Saturday, gonna be off early but I'm taking the kids to visit their cousins so probably be out at Happy Dayz around 6 or 7 or 8. Unless the MOB is there, then I'm dropping everything to chill with my homeboys.
All y'all jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes, eh?
It's free to the public. :)

I'm having problems acquiring a trailer to pull the hopper up there :rolleyes:
Hey dude I cut and pasted your message into our forum, someone's got spindles . . . http://p222.ezboard.com/finsanebowties19665frm10.showMessage?topicID=23.topic
Damn bro, you're only 33? You look 43!!! Just kidding.
Hey Macon you should put up new pics of your ride now that it's painted.
Ooooh 14? Just the age I prefer.
Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to fix my POS truck so in '05 I can cruise out to all the shows with y'all.
What's A matter w/ your truck?
Needs a bunch of work. At least I got my bling bling back.

Your just jealous because your not the only one that is bagged anymore
:D Well soon I will be the only one dragging rocker :p
Twin-10s said:
pretty dead in here? :eek:
If she's pretty and dead, that means I can skip the foreplay.
Does anyone know how to remove cured spray foam from your hands?
Is there anybody in there? Can anybody hear me? Is there anyone home?
sup y'all I tried to get everyone to use this forum, posted a link and everything, you know what they say about change...

Glad to hear you're moving to Gilroy, I personally enjoy your big, hard, t ... I mean that's cool we'll get to see you more.

My truck is all fukked up, I need a new tire, the front end rebuilt, rear suspension reconfigured, got most of the parts but need some more . . .

Theresa's truck needs two new tires, those torsion key deals, a fuel pump, and some minor service . . .

The Nova needs about 40-60 hours worth of work to get back on the road . . . :not:

Only God or Jehovah or Allah knows what the 72 GMC needs :bugeye:
damn I only got 6 posts on this mutha?
frikkin rain i'm sick of it
got a nu pc it is sssssssssssmokin
my right nut hurtz
1 - 20 of 1038 Posts
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