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Ok guys and girls here ya go!!!!!!!!!!
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Just checking in working on the Blazer . I hate this goddamn Blazer sometimes mainly when I work on it . One simple job always turns into a whole load of tasks . Removing transmission pan either involves jacking up the tranny or remooving the y pipe thats in the way . Removing the exhaust manifold also involved removing the power steering pump to get to the front stud on the manifold . Lots of busted knuckles cause of this damn Blazer & it will still probably run like crap . Well it's definitely a learning experience and pretty soon I will have taken apart everything on the truck at least once . Exhaust manifold , Brakes , Suspension , Fuel pump , Radiator support , exhaust , injectors thanks again ed , the whole interior yes the whole interior except the complet dash like ed . Whoever said customizing was easy though . Thats why I can never bring myself to sell it unless it was completely done or someone offered up more money than I could pass up . Its a love hate relationship with hate being the current theme .
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Sorry I won't be there bud "DON'T WANT TO KISS ANY BIG WHITE ASS"
:p :p :p
So I have been inspecting Airplanes at SFO for Japanese Beetles for almost a month . Just thought I would check in . Still playing music every friday night driving my Datsun 620 yeah and the lights work again . No more flashlights duct taped to the roof . Gonna put some better rubber on her and allready lowered it and painted the steelies black got the vacuum diagram for this snatch and gonna go to the test only on the corner of almaden and blossom hill get a pennysaver ad for $39.99 .
Pfff, Giants :rolleyes:
At least the Giants aren't owned by Ted Turner the Braves suck balls .
49er fan for sure
Giants Fan
But Mainly Chicago White Sox for Baseball .

But anyways those sports are kinda whack its all about hockey and the San Jose Sharks MF !
Got the Datsun purrin like a kitten going to get some new tread tommorow and go to get it smogged . Bullet Side is going to be representing just got the old school sun tach in it just need to wire it up . I will post some pics in a few days for sure .
yeah milpenis is much much better:rolleyes:
Yeah what he said Milpitas PD is awesome too . I guess anything is better than gustine .
Thanks for the comments about having a nice truck .
Some people might say had a nice truck unfortunately for me it doesn't look like that no more .
Post new pics my ass .
Although the Shaved door handles came out good . the black is much better than red but still needs some TLC .
In that pic however you cannot see the hundreds of door dings and scratches in the paint . I took an awesome picture at a good time and you couldn't see most of the imperfections . I still need to align the front end sheetmetal and hood and put the bumper back on . Than maybe shoot the truck once more than take some pics of it .
bigger pic on http://www.insanebowties.com near the bottom

nobody say shit about the webpage, unless you are willing to do all the HTML work.
Ariel does graphic design Duh . Allready said it like 100 times she could probably help out and update the page for us . Just need the info to get into the page .
Painting the upper control arms & cross shafts for the 1955 Sedan Delivery . Almost done cleaning up the lowers .

Watched Barrett-Jackson last night and almost threw up when a fiberglass 55 with an art morrison frame sold for $100,000.00 . A restored 57 Bel-Air non Fuel Injection also went for 100k .

Heres my updated pic of my blazer
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Ha Ha Just kidding I wish that was my truck .

Heres some pics after it came out of the booth
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ROTFLMAO . Utra rare SS motor thats too freakin funny .

What it came with a ZL-1 in it .
"just did some more research this truck is one of only 2 that is factory equipped with Xtreme handling, bench seat, SS motor and adjustable driveshaft."

Ok so where did you do this research ? I wanna adjustable driveshaft for my Blazer . How do you adjust it ?
Oh yeah they only made two cause its sounds like it sucks . Bench seat , Stepside Extreme what no 5-speed . Its extreme allright Extremely Gay .

Damn milpitas just came up cause someone is smoking the good sh*t .
Happy St Patrick's Day to All . Now Lets have a pint of Guinness .
Damn Ed ponch got you for just about everything what a dick . I thought you took off your tint . At least you finally got one for no front license plate . Just add it to your hundred other tickets . I think your 98 is getting you in as much trouble as your 71 was before .
sounds just like the one i got a couple weeks ago

truck to loud
to low
headlights to bright
cant access headlight switch
non carb legal intake
Man truck too loud is the biggest BS in the world , too loud to whom the stupid officer pulling you over . Most vehicles even with aftermarket exhaust are well under the decibel levels that are legal .
Gotta hook up a toggle switch to your amp saved me more than a few times . Although gotta hide it cause they will ask about it if its visible . Flip the switch and it kills your amp .
Got another temporary operating permit for the Datsun . Just need to get the tires put on the back and the carb adjusted to be able to drive it until the end of may . Then I will need to smog it to get the registration up to date .

On the Blazer front
Ordered my door poppers finally on Wednesday should get them next week or so . Just need a little more dough and then pull the trans and get it rebuilt . Can't wait to be drivin that thing again .
Went to the All American Truck Show in Union City , CA today where EZMOUSE took home an award for Sexiest Mini , and Kristen took third place in the coloring contest . Had a fun fun day a lot of really nice trucks & good weather I will post some pics in a new thread in the next few days . Peace out .
Man me to. Went to pick n pull yesterday at 9 am and it was all ready too freakin hot. Found what I needed and got the hell out. Worked on my Datsun till 9 pm still way to hot, sweating profusely . Finished it up tonight a lot cooler got it running again. Went to fill up with gas and it stalled I pushed it through a stoplight got a push from a helpful citizen . Got it started back up and drove it home. I just might drive it out to bucks tomorrow night if I think it will make it .

Oh yeah sitting in the Air conditioned house at the moment.
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