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CF hood

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Does anyone have any connections within VIS, APC, or Erebuni, or anyone else for that matter on a real release date on the racing style carbon fiber hood. Ive called several places,and everyone just gives me the "maybe a few more months" crap. So if anyone has any contacts on a release date, give me a shout. Thanks in advance.

PS: If the hood was available through someone here, id be glad to work with you on that. peace

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Everybody is afraid of change. What purpose does a cowl induction or ram air hood do if S-10s aren't made for racing? Absolutely nothing except give it a different look and stay with in the "accepted guidelines of the s-10 crowd." No one has a clear definition of what rice really is. My definition is anything that looks cheap and shitty. Many of you have probably never even noticed how similar some of the sport compacts are to Lemans cars. What do you expect people to do for performance cars when there aren't very many left? Stuff changes.

The only thing different and original anymore is stock or custom fabrications. I'm with Atrus on this one.

And we are never going to reach an agreement since this is all opinions.
They aren't as popular? Good, atleast I don't have the same damn thing as everyone else. Swapping in a V8 is the most common thing done to these trucks. I guess if you want to vanish in the crowd.... So stock is what looks good? You basically just said everything aftermarket to add to a car is ugly. There is no purpose in flaming someones idea and opinion. BTW Ricers weren't very popular back in '99 when Xtremes came out. And the idea was in the works before then. Another BTW, it isn't uncommon for s-series to have ground effects. I seem to remember a Cameo and Syclone and a Typhoon. Yes maybe they were old, but the idea of ground effects is nothing new.

I repeat there is no reason to flame someones ideas for their truck. Change may be good. Something different is good too because I get tired of seeing the same damn thing all the time. Let people do what they want and possibly offer constructive criticism if anything.

I agree that you shouldn't flame someone for being ricey, but it isn't an excuse to flame guys with an Xtreme because you don't like them.
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My personal thoughts on this is that there is absolutely no point to any of this. It seems to me everyone has a problem with rice because of their attitudes and your own. Probably a matter of jealousy as well. Detroit muscle (<---- metaphor) isn't the only thing being customized anymore. Opinions are like @$$holes.....
I forgot gfx weigh a total of maybe, I repeat maybe 20 lbs. I think that is a loss of .00002 sec in a 1/4 mile.
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