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CF hood

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Does anyone have any connections within VIS, APC, or Erebuni, or anyone else for that matter on a real release date on the racing style carbon fiber hood. Ive called several places,and everyone just gives me the "maybe a few more months" crap. So if anyone has any contacts on a release date, give me a shout. Thanks in advance.

PS: If the hood was available through someone here, id be glad to work with you on that. peace

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XtremelyClean said:
dont put racing style CF hoods on slow style trucks
It's not as bad as those people who put a 3" cowl induction hood with vents on a Dodge 1 ton Dualie. I agree though. I would get the OEM style hood. :D
No, the s-10 is not the honda civic of anything. A honda civic is a car that your 16 year old sister drives to school because it is a "cute little car". the s-10 although small is a TRUCK. you can haul a dirtbike trailer with it. You can throw a heavy box in the back and not worry about the ass end dragging the ground. You can fit a v-8 in it very easily if you want more power. Try any of that in your sister's honda civic. :cs:
rice is just the japs way of getting us back for the war.
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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