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i was wondering if nickle plated headers are as good as the ceramic coated headers cause ceramic coated are so much more. do the nickel plated rust or something easier than the ceramic?

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Yep. You'll find because the acids and other gases leaving the
exhaust port of the heads will turn the nickel to a blue/yellow
finish. Also and more important is the heat. I guess I should
of put heat 1st. Sooner or later you'll find that uncoated headers
will start to get rust spots on em. This not only happens on the
outside but the inside too. Will later down the road rust
right thru..

Getting a GOOD thermal coating applied to a set of header will
help with expelling the exhaust gases quicker, keeps the headers
in good condition longer and keeps em looking better longer.

I had mine done by a guy who makes headers for lakes and
open sea race boats. They've been on for about 9 months
now and I'll I do is take a rag and some windex, wipe em
down and they look almost like new. No flaking chipping
etc. He did a real good job for 150.00, and I'm so glad I went
and had em done. Here's his site case anyone is interested
in good work.


PS. My headers were new, never installed. This made it easier
and cheaper for the coating. If already used, Jim may have to
chemically strip and clean em so the cost would be higher for
the work.

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I've had the nickel/chrome coated JBA's installed on my truck for exactly a 1 year now. They have not leaked at all, There might be some very small spots of rust near the y-pipe connection, but nothing major. I would pay for the Ceramic coating if you plan on keeping the truck a while.
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