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Carolina S-Series - Pay It Forward

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ok...here's the deal. put stuff here that you are looking to barter or work out a trade. save the selling for the other thread.

what other thread, you ask? this one right here.


- don't chit chat. post up what you've got, and what you'd like to get - and leave it at that.

- if you see something someone has posted that you are interested in, PM them...

- if you manage to work a deal with someon, post in the thread, to let it be known this item has been accounted for, and i will edit your post, and remove that item from your original post.


Rules are simple.

- list what you have to give away to help some people out.

- list what you need so you can pick it up for free or on the cheap(shipping).

- the catch is you have to give in order to receive.

only cost to receiver is shipping/pick up, and the giver gets to feel good about helping somebody and knowing he can get something when he's in need.


I have from a 94 TBI 4.3:

complete working AC system from the firewall forward.

inner fenders

wrecked bed and right front fender (tailgate/skin, floor, some bed rail damage), great for making filler plates

factory leafs and coils.

all emissions equipment except cats.

cruise control module/motor deal.
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I need an egr valve for a 95 4.3 cpi motor
Anybody have a stock muffler off a 4.3 in good condition with no rust?
I do. Came off my 95. Wasn't rusted, just too quiet.
I need a BCM for my wife's 97 Blazer.
Oh, and a front valance, drivers side fender, drivers side bumper end cap.
I'm not sure if a BCM from a 2000 model will interchange with a 1997 model. I will have to check on that.
If I remember I will stop by a local garage after school and run those numbers by them to see if your BCM will work for me. Thanks for digging that out for me.
I checked with a local mechanic and he said he thought that the BCM's wouldn't swap. I need to verify with the chevy dealership to see what BCM's will swap. The mechanic said that the dealer would have to reflash the BCM. I thought that only applied to the ECM. I will have to verify all of this. Sorry for the slow response...school has kept me really busy.
1 - 7 of 150 Posts
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