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Carolina S-Series - Pay It Forward

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ok...here's the deal. put stuff here that you are looking to barter or work out a trade. save the selling for the other thread.

what other thread, you ask? this one right here.


- don't chit chat. post up what you've got, and what you'd like to get - and leave it at that.

- if you see something someone has posted that you are interested in, PM them...

- if you manage to work a deal with someon, post in the thread, to let it be known this item has been accounted for, and i will edit your post, and remove that item from your original post.


Rules are simple.

- list what you have to give away to help some people out.

- list what you need so you can pick it up for free or on the cheap(shipping).

- the catch is you have to give in order to receive.

only cost to receiver is shipping/pick up, and the giver gets to feel good about helping somebody and knowing he can get something when he's in need.


I have from a 94 TBI 4.3:

complete working AC system from the firewall forward.

inner fenders

wrecked bed and right front fender (tailgate/skin, floor, some bed rail damage), great for making filler plates

factory leafs and coils.

all emissions equipment except cats.

cruise control module/motor deal.
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im looking for a front bumper for 02 zq8. red preferably i will also need the plastic "valance" or whatever you call it. im in morrisville(raleigh), but willing to drive a little on a weekend but not to far gas is 3.50 down here!
i have a front bumper and valance, its pewter, but i'm about an hour and a half from you. i'm 25 miles before you get to wilmington.
how much would you take for it and what condition is it in..planning on cheap paint job from local body shop or something like that....dont wanna pay for for actual body work to be done on it.
haha...sorry man. ended up busy as hell at work yesterday, and didn't get a chance to get a pic. I will get one today. I have a break from work around 2 or so.
damn, 70degrees outside...sure wouldve been a good day to cruise towards the beach for a bumper...lolj/k ..just letting you know im waiting lol
is the valance painted also? if so it is pretty much worthless to me, though, the bumper is perfect if its straight, the scuff on the corner the body shop can work out when they sand the rest of it down....so since the valance is cracked, how much for the bumper?
that would be great if you could...i would have to wait until middle of the week to see what work is gonna be like to make sure i could meet you and 40$ sounds great btw.
ok suicidal... more then likely getting home around 530-6pm on thursday....not sure what time youll be strolling through morrisville(which is on your way) obviously i could meet you anywhere cause i NEED the bumper, you will see when we meet lol, but let me know some times about when you would go through raleigh area and ill see if i can meet you to save from driving to chapel hill. worst case scenario my buddy can run over there and pick it up in the case we have problems at work and i have to stay. thanks
i wouldnt expect you to get off of the highway and take the back roads to get to my house....to far out of the way. i will prolly end up meeting you in chapel hill sometime when i get off work, im working in sanford so it will take a minute to get to chapel hill....are you staying there late?, like if i got there 730-8ish at the latest, would that be cool
I will be in chapel hill until sometime saturday morning. We usually head out to the bar at 7:30 or so...but i'm sure we can get something worked out. I will PM you my number so we can get in touch.
holy crap, i got estimate to paint the bumper.150-200 just for paint prolly gonna bye some spay paint for the time ha, didnt think it was gonna be that much.
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