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Im looking to replace the gauges in my '84 it has the stock speedo,fule,volts,oil,and trans gauges and then a lil seatbelt light in a spot that looks like it should have a gauge in it.
I want to replace all the gauges with some cool blue carbon fiber gauges and move the fule gauge that is huge, to the spot where the lil useles seatbelt light is, and replace the old fule gauge witha tach.

What is invloved with replacing the guages and putting a tach in
I dont wanna mount the tach somewhere elce in the cab, i want it in the dash.
Ill try to get soem pics soon

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Hey, I did that to my 82 S-10. Its relativley easy. The only downside is that you loose the PRNDL indicator, but since that is the same for ALL cars, its not a big deal.
Go to the junk yard and get a fuel gauge from a Cadillac. I used one from a Cimarron. The fuel gauge will fit perfectly, but you'll have to epoxy it in Place.
Next get a Tach from a early eighties Mustang, they have a 4,6,8 switch in the back that you can adjust for your engine (however, for some reason, I got the most accurate reading when I switched it to the 4 cylinder mode - I had the 2.8 V-6)
Pull out the gauge pod and remove the front cover.
Take out the old fuel gauge and run the wires for that to your new fuel gauge.
Take the Tach and trail fit it. you will notice that it rides too low in the S-10 pod to fit. You will have to trim the bottom of the Tach straight across somewhere around the high beam indicator.
Then you will have to run a wire from your Coil to the Tach.
Thats all there is too it. There will also be a small problem with the Tach trying to sit too far out in front of where the old fuel gauge sat. You will have to trim the mounting area down enough to compensate so that your Dash lights shine on it properly at night.
Don't have any pictures. They got lost when my old computer's hard drive crashed.
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