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Can't seem to help myself . . .Still NUTS about lugnuts 馃お

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Lugnuts, I learned, (info from some Forum members, thanks, to all of you), on my 2003 S10, are, by GM Standards, 19mm.
My 19mm sockets (Sears Craftsman and AutoZone Duralast) both do an adequate job to loosen/tighten them, whether by hand, or by impact wrench.
Adequate = Acceptable amount of slack in the socket-on-nut fit.

I think a socket of size 23/32" will work better, comparing to a 19mm socket.
I call a socket an excellent fit (not simply adequate) as long as it satisfies:
1. Socket goes onto and comes off from lugnuts easily
2. Socket fits snugly on lugnuts, (in particular, more snugly than my 19mm sockets).

It took me a long time to find that sized socket in stock. I spent hours online and on the phone, with tool companies that I know about, or learned about.
Initially I had no luck ("Not in stock"), working with USA companies. It gradually became a mystery to me, what is the big taboo with that BadBoy size?
A Lowe's tool department clerk checked, found that size not in stock, but then asked me, "What is this socket for, anyway?" He understood my explanation.

I finally found a company (Thanks, Google) that stocks one - - a company in Scotland. I ordered one, and it's on the way. Before ordering I asked them how far apart are 2 opposing flat surfaces inside their socket. They said about 18.5 mm. I checked a sample lugnut here, with a metric micrometer, so the idea got a green light.

I will let you know, later on, whether or not it works.

I might get reported to the OCD police. They will come and get me, if they find out what I've been up to.
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Will save me a 400+ mile round trip in case I do go to Phoenix.
what exactly are you wanting information on?
the lug nut thread/pitch?
maybe its all the youle time action going on, but, i dont understand...
right, so you just want lug nuts? im still confused? i probably have 30 or 40 in the shop somewhere i can give you. Is there a reason, or something specific youre looking for? I probbly have some left hand thread scout lug nuts as well
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